UI sample for the Android App

  • Hi DaWallet,

    Is this UI good



    Plot selection is based on %of space avilable, hence unable to snap at 1GB or 2 GB etc. Your ideas please

    Not able to get the output of program executed at command line, needed to get the completion %

  • Mod

    1. small API (by localhost:port) or file for reading (plotter write %)

  • ok, i will try that approach, i guess i need to modify the code for android plotter too..

  • Here we go. I'm keeping daWallet up to date on Android DEV stuff. I'm excited to share it but I don't want to "shoot my BURST" all at once. So here's a nibble from the prototype (GUI semi functional). We have been working hard to add back end pieces that makes using the wallet much easier like auto populates.


    Hope you love it as much as I do.


  • @IceBurst - The UI is stunning really!!

  • She now plots - it's beta, but it's making files
    0_1469062874552_Active Plotting.PNG

  • admin

    @IceBurst This is a huge step. Thanks for sharing the development!

  • admin

    @IceBurst Looks awesome! Guess i have to buy a android :-)

  • @IceBurst yes . Love to..

  • @IceBurst Eager to know if there is any further update on this.. Is this expected to be released anytime soon ?

  • @Castiel

    We could call it a buggy Alpha......
    Deadline producing Alpha


  • @IceBurst Screen actually looks good ... Any issues at backend ?

  • Lots of backend issues.....

    1. The MD5 on my plotted file doesnt match the MD5 of a plotted file using wplotter. Makes me assume that my plot algo is incorrect somewhere

    *FACE PALM* Well yeah, of course your plot file will be wrong if you don't seed the plot with your account ID! One down, 2 to go.

    1. I haven't been able to validate the mining tool because it's assumed that the plots are messed up

    *FACE PALM* To derive your Deadline divide by the BaseTarget not the current block height!
    Two down, 1 to go.

    1. Submitting a nonce to the pool throws a wicked error with a JSON object NULL reference, probably because I'm referencing an AsyncTask inside of a Thread object.
      All Done with the basics

    Cool Stuff though....

    1. You can plot any number of GB that you want in sequence, it just takes time
    2. When the miner is running it does run multi-threaded so it's pretty fast.
    3. When using the faucet we auto populate your BURST Id so you don't have to type it in
    4. We check that your pool reward assignment is set, if not it's one click to set it and it shows a 4 block count down timer that enables mining when it's ready.

    Goals - Get the Plot generator fixed immediately, hopefully in the next couple of days I'll have matching MD5s which means were generating correctly.

    Just a short update.

  • @IceBurst Thanks for the update! It looks great.

  • 0_1471284396175_BetaMining.PNG

    The dragon breathes fire.... I am looking for about 3 to 5 people with Android devices to participate in a closed beta of the new plotting and mining platform. The beta will start around August 20th and will last for about 2 weeks is my current guess.

    What I need from you is the following:

    • Device Type you would be willing to load the app on to
    • Size of your SD card, and GB free, or amount you could give to the plotter
    • your current Android software version (numeric version please, not the code name)

    What I need from you will be:

    • Lots of patience as we work through issues
    • You need to know how to load an app via SDCard or from a website, this version will not be published to the Play Store until the beta is completed.




  • @IceBurst Minimum plot size for testing ?

  • admin

    @Castiel 1 GB is minimum for testing.

  • @IceBurst @daWallet I am in for testing ... Will give you my device details in 12 hours .... Need to rush to office XD

  • i can help for testing my man! this looks sharp as hell beautiful work

    edit i can help after work 11pm -5gmt

  • @IceBurst @daWallet

    Ploting Space 2.5-3 GB
    Android Version 6.0

    What is Device type ?

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