Overlapping Plots - How does it happen and how can it be prevented?

  • More importantly - Is there a program that will fix overlapping plots?

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  • @gwagner to solve overlapping plots, compare the size of the two files and delete the smaller one. Then read up on plots, before plotting again.

  • @iKnow0 said in Overlapping Plots - How does it happen and how can it be prevented?:

    @gwagner "Then read up on plots, before plotting again." - Can you be a little more specific / Can you point me in the best direction?

  • https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/348/plotschecker/31 << This seems to be the best info I have found so far.

  • @haitch - I know you must know about how the plotting works through and through. I have been reading, but it is a hard concept for me. What I am looking to do is start and maintain a system where I do not create overlapping plots. From what I can tell, so long as the drives I have (4 so far) are all connected to one PC - new plots should not be overlapping. I assume that the plotter reads all current plots and then avoids creating overlapping ones... but I really am not 100% sure on that??

    What I was hoping to do is figure out what plots I already have and then use the expert mode to start plots from where the last section I plotted ended. That sounds simple enough, but not really. I guess the file name should tell, but I need some kind of translator. lol. Deleting and re-plotting sux. !!??

  • I have these plots that are not overlapping now >>


    @haitch - I know you have been busy stomping down some jerks attacking your stuff, but hopefully you can give a fellow guy in the pool (pyramid) some guidance.... after all I only want more coin so I can buy more of your assets!!

    How do I fill in nonce's in between what I have here manually? I would be happy with 1TB at a time to make sure I know exactly what to do... It's fun to learn, but shaving a little off the learning curve is nice too. I see some gaps between 300000001 and 400000001 ... but how to use expert mode, or some other program, to know how to plot 1TB at a time??

    Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Ha!!

  • admin

    @gwagner The filename is of the format account_StartNoce_NumberNonces_Stagger. So after plotting one file, start the next one at StartingNonce + NumberNonces. 1TB = 4,194,304 Nonces.

  • @haitch Thanks for the help! ... I am a bit old and slow, I will try to ask concise questions - so please bear with me!!

    So to start to fill in from 300000001_6169472_6169472 - is the next nonce 300000001_6169473? and if I use the burst client to write the plots, I start there in "Expert mode" and put 300000001_6169473 in the "Start Nonce:" window and slide the top slider over to 1TB... would that get done what I am asking??

    Or is the next nonce 300000002?

    I bet there is a command for this right??

  • admin

    @gwagner Using one of your file names:


    starting Nonce was: 512296513
    Number of Nonces in plot: 6344576

    Next pot would start at 512296513 + 6344576 = 518641089

  • @haitch AWESOME - Very clear on that now... so is there a command that can be used to get an exact number of nonces so that I could fill in gaps between say 10017538526805608487_414229505_1006744_1006744 and

    Next nonce is 414229505 + 1006744 = 415,236,249 - correct?

    Then 500000001- 415,236,249 = 84,763,752 to be plotted to fill the gap 100% - right?

    Is there a command or program to run an exact number of nonces like that?? Well that is way more than 1TB.. so I could take it slow so long as I keep up. I can do that on a spreadsheet - but how do I take it from next nonce to + exactly 1TB let's say.

  • admin

    @gwagner You can do the math and get the number of nonces between your starting nonce and where you want to end, but I wouldn't both - just starting plotting contiguously from where you're at.

  • @haitch but I am then worried about the overlap issue then, and would love to not have to delete plots - or am I asking too much? ... got to be a command or program - no??

  • admin

    @gwagner If you follow the process I've shown you, you won't get any overlaps. Start at a nonce high than your existing ones, then always increase the starting nonce by the number of nonces you just plotted.

  • Ok, sounds good. Last question then... do nonces start at 0? I must be missing a lot before 300000001 - correct?

  • admin

    @gwagner Nonces start at 0, but it doesn't really matter where you start, it's the number you have.

  • @haitch - Your awesome! I now have a complete understanding of that part of the game!!

  • @haitch said in Overlapping Plots - How does it happen and how can it be prevented?:

    @gwagner The filename is of the format account_StartNoce_NumberNonces_Stagger. So after plotting one file, start the next one at StartingNonce + NumberNonces. 1TB = 4,194,304 Nonces.

    @gwagner, so sorry if i get out of topic, but i am quite curios so,
    would like to ask to @haitch 1 nonce occupy exactly 256 KB ?
    what's the content of this nonce block? what made it 'impossible' to be compressed?

  • @yohanip 1 nonce = 4096 scoops, 1 scoop = 64 byte
    4096 x 64 byte = 262.144 byte = 256 kbyte

    A nonce is a chain of hashed scoops (4096), starting with the nonce and account-id.
    You can see it on the right side of this diagram (Plotter).

    It would be possible to compress it, but it would make it really hard for the miners to read the scoops, because every round just a specific scoop needs to be read. Also, because of the nature of compression algorithms (they remove redundancy, and in a plot file there should not be lot of redundancy), the compression of binary data often leads to bigger files.

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