is the wallet server down?

  • I noticed i couldnt access my assets.. gave me a script error asking me if i wanted to run it anyway..
    i shut down wallet and re-opend to get this error cannot connect to server


    im sure its temporary but is anyone else getting it or am i just that special?

  • yes my luck soon as i post this .. it all came back..seems super slow and my pool payment showed unpaid but there are no longer there.. (not worried)

    and this when tried to buy an asset:

    somethign is going on it seems

  • @darindarin About accessing wallet, the online wallet is functioning normal. For the transaction, I suggest you wait a bit till network calms down.

  • i forgot i posted this.. its up and i can see my stuff but you are right transactions stuck still

  • @darindarin You're a famous celeb now, you can do whatever you want :)

  • @rnahlawi haha

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