[Pre-Ann]Rapids 3D Print and Miscellaneous Shop

  • Hello everyone,
    Soon I will be hopefully be starting a 3D print and miscellaneous item shop, as you can tell by the title.
    I will be printing things such as

    • Cookie cutters and stamps (If you aren't a baker the burst one I made would still look cool on your desk ;) and you can also request a custom one to be made by me.)
    • Keychains with engraved text or popping out text on it.
    • Useful items for daily life such as a usb cable holder.
    • I will also allow you to send me a 3d model and I will print it for you.

    For the miscellaneous part, I will use the quote one mans trash is another mans treasure.
    Whatever I have that I think somebody else might want/need, I will list it here.
    For example, maybe I have some old game discs I don't want or need; I would list it here.

    Items I have created already and plan on selling in more detail

    • A burst logo, christmas tree, dog, bitcoin, and star cookie cutter
    • The option to have me design a cutter or stamp
    • Keychain with custom text
    • Usb cable holder
    • A comb
    • Option to send me a file to print
    • Copper bars and coins
    • Video games dating back to the ds lite and up

    I would like to get some opinions and feedback on this from the burst community before I launch this.
    Thank's for taking your time to read through ;)

  • How much to print out the Burst logo?

  • @socalguy At the moment I'm looking at about $2.5 (USD) + shipping for the logo with the dimensions of 3 1/4 inch. x 3 3/8 inch.
    I'm leaving it in dollar value so I don't have to change the price in burst every second.
    I can change the size to your liking but it would be proportionate to the normal $2.5, so if you wanted one half the size it would be $1.25

  • I think I'm ready to launch this by tomorrow. Anyone have any feedback?

  • @rapidfireman where is your business plan?

  • @iKnow0 I thought I had it laid out up top.

  • @rapidfireman Well, exactly you have no experience in the field and no business plan, sorry will not be investing.

  • @iKnow0 Sorry if I made it unclear. I'm not creating an asset or looking for investors, this is just a little online shop i'm running.

  • @rapidfireman so why pre-ann ?

  • @iKnow0 Just looking to see if people would actually be interested in this, and if anyone has ideas ;)

  • I like the idea!

  • I produced some example cookie cutters, keychains, and a cute elephant phone holder. Do these look pretty good, any suggestions or feedback? I will be adding much more and in more colors, but this is an example.

    alt text

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