[ANN] CryptoBay.Co - Burstcoin Fiat Escrow Exchange (Buy/Sell) - New Asset

  • This post is deleted!

  • Project cancelled, sorry guys but I want nothing to do with this while adam guerbuez in around in it.

    Ill stay around and help on the forums but ive had enough of that idiotic scammer.

    <3 Hect0r.

  • @Hect0r I can help with the tests... Hit me if you like me to join the beta test team... I can automate clicks with imacros (and share the macros with the beta test team) without a problem, so this should help to stress test it... ;D

    Since it is an exchanger you will give test coins in there for us to be able to test the site, right? If so i am in... ;D

  • @gpedro Yes I have 5k Burst left for the testers (1k each or 5k / Number of Beta Testers) I really only need 2 people to test it, Im sorry I couldent offer more burst at this moment kinda spent up on buying testing servers lol

  • I have updated the original post with business costs and the plan, please re-read the first post.

  • @Hect0r Sure... let me know when i can give you a hand ;D

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