GUI Plot Optimizer faster with more Ram?

  • Hello everyone!

    I am in the process of optimizing my 16 TBs of plots.

    The GUI Optimizer lets me choose the amount of Ram used for optimizing. I curently have 8gb of ram. Of which I am using 4gb for the optimizing process to still beeing able to work at the PC at the same time.

    Would it make sense to upgrade the Ram to 16gb? Would the optimizing process be twice as fast with 8gb dedicated to optimizing then with only 4gb dedicated?


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    @PummelHummel I used different amount, could not see a real performance difference.

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  • @Han-Solo are you sure?

    Right now optimizing from one internals Hdd to another takes me about 48h (8tb).

  • @PummelHummel I already mention: "From my experience". I do not claim that I hold the truth in the matter. Is just what I have notice. And Yes, based on the same personal experience, nothing more, it's OK to optimize an 8TB HDD in 48H. I need about 30H for a 5TB. And my PC have i76850 overclocked, 64GB RAM and 2 GPU's (1 x GTX 1080 8GB and 1 x RX 480 8GB - both ASUS). This specs doesn't make the process faster. Just the connections count here. And I use SATA3 to SATA3.
    I use 20GB for plotting. I have used 40GB but I have not seen any difference so I reduce it.

  • You might be right, that Specs dont make that big of a difference.

    At least thats the conlusion that I make when you are getting 30h for 5TB with i7 and 20gb. And I am getting 45h for 7,25tb with an i3 and 3gb.

    But it cant just be the write speed. 5 or 7,25TB should be written fasten then 30h or. 45h...

  • @PummelHummel
    Your right. It does seem strange that if you were to copy a large file (say in the region of 5TB) to a HDD over SATA3, granted it will take some time but certainly not anywhere in the region of 30Hr!
    This begs the question that there must be some other area which is taking the time? If its not the CPU or RAM specs then what other process could be hogging all the time?
    I guess the real question is why does it take so long to plot a drive??

  • @PummelHummel I would like to mention also: XPlotter it's a fail. It take forever to make any plot. I do the process in 2 stept. Plotting with wplotgenerator and after optimization with plot_optimizer. In total I need less then 40H to have a 5TB HDD ready to mine. With XPlotter it take at least 6 days even with my PC.

  • @Han Solo there is something off with your CPU then. Usually a CPU like that should be pretty quick at plotting.

  • @PummelHummel It is pretty quick. As I told You, 10H or less to plot a 5TB. 30000nonces/minute. And another 30H to optimize (here the CPU seems to not count much)
    You will see some other posts here where people made a saga out of plotting a 8TB with XPlotter.

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