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  • i have a huge problem, I tried logging into my burst account: BURST-A624-D97C-K28U-4U8RV which has over 19,000 burst. when I tried to log into my account with the password that was given to me, a brand new account had appeared in its place, so i tried logging into it with my password three times and another account appeared in its place. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPEN TO MY PREVIOUS ACCOUNT. I WAS USING THE RIGHT PASSWORD, I ALWAYS KEEP SAVED ON MY COMPUTER AND MY CELLPHONE. SO I REALLY SOMEONE DIDNT HACK MY ACCOUNT AND REPLACE WITH A EMPTY ONE. WILL SOMEONE HELP ME.

  • Every time I have seen that it is related to a wrong password entered, period. Check for an extra space at the end, that has got me a few times. But no one can hack your password and cause it to say that you have created a "new account".

  • admin

    @Raynell84 Try it on another wallet - eg

    99.9% of the time though, the problem is the passphrase is not being copied correctly - there's a leading/training space or newline, or a newline in the middle of the passphrase.

  • yes i tried it on another wallet, i never had any problems until today

  • nevermine i typed it in.. thank yousir

  • admin

    @Raynell84 You probably copied a new line character or space - everytime ... :)

  • @Raynell84 i think we have all done it at least once

  • @darindarin i have i hate it

  • thank you all for your support...

  • admin

    @darindarin When you do it on your own wallet it can be a scare. When you do it on a pool wallet and you spend a week trying to figure out why the pool isn't working - that's costing actual Burst. And I just discovered today I did that .....

  • This post is deleted!

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