• i just thought that if we hoard BURSTcoin it will make us more profitable.
    as of now we had 1,716,269,083 supply when we divided it into 100000 people/member to be a coin hoarder it will be 17162.69083BURST per member. This strategy makes our community BOOM!!

    What do you think guys?

  • I don't think it will worked because money is created for traded.

  • @batas112 Great! hoarding sounds easy, BUT 100K/member? I think that's the question.
    not to mention the 17k burst coins/member? such a low baller.

  • We must push the BURST COMMUNITY to hoard our coins. The BURST is so cheap at this time. I guess befaore we step into a 300millionBURST Hoarded, the price of the BUrst will raised to 700-1000satoshi..
    The more we Hoard the higher the value it will be.

    Burst community has a potential. If we will do it by ONE TEAM

  • hoarding is one thing but investing does increase value than just sitting on it and verified assets are encouraging

  • not to offend these asset developers.. but at these times people are much more familiar in virtual coins rather than these tokens/assets..

  • @batas112 Assets and coins and quite different from eachother.

  • Assets really compliment the BURST eco system and actually help in the hoarding of BURST indirectly as well.. I am mainly hoarding assets right now and later will also hold more liquid BURST..For now just buying up as many assets as I can.

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