5TB Seagate Expansion Drive writing at only 5MB/s

  • As the title of the post suggests I have several 5TB Seagate Expansion Drives and when I plot them they will only write at about 5MB/s with occasional jumps to 100+ MB/s.
    I'm pretty sure this is not a SMR drive (I could be wrong) the HDDs in question are direct connected to my laptop via USB 3.0 so no hubs or anything to bottleneck.
    I also don't run any other programs while plotting and yes Disk Caching is turned on.

    Anyone else have this issue or know a way to fix it? If you sit and watch TaskManager while plotting you will see the HDD spend most of its time only utilizing like 3% or 4% of my max Disk capacity. with the random 10 - 20 second spike to 100% once every few hours.

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    @socal It's an SMR drive.

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    @socal Check this post https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/3877/need-tech-help-on-plotting/14 ... creating optimized plots on SMR drives is very slow due tech limitations.

    More details here: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/2394/shingled-magnetic-recording-smr

  • @socal , what's the Asset status? Is it mining? When will the payments start to arrive again? Make it rain, brother.

  • @Egidius
    The asset status is the 95TB that Haitch is running is still mining and will payout on Saturday.

    The 20TB I am running are currently being plotted at a rate of 2TB/day. So in about ~9 days I will have all 20TB I am running up and mining as well. Bringing the total to 115TB mining for the asset.

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