How many peers am I connect to?

  • Running local wallet 1.2.8. Why does it say only 2 connected peers? Shouldn't I want to be connected to more?

    Also, why is there no other info after the last line. Runs for hours with no additional line displayed? I would have thought it would be nice to see the current block, or some indication that the wallet is active from this screen.


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    @rds Connect to the server - looks like <ip>:8105 then look at peers and blocks

  • @rds that is the number of peers from the well known peers list that the wallet connected to on startup. seem new in this release of wallet for me thus far it has helped connectivity on startup.
    see commit

    the complete list of all connected peers is in the wallet user interface.

    as far as more output you can play with the settings in conf/
    java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler.level controls what is output on the terminal

    i am not very familiar but i don't think putting it down to FINE will get current block, maybe something with org.eclipse.jetty.level (which is the peer communication server) will get you some notice but more likely will result in a flood of information

  • @damncourier ,

    Can you explain to me "the complete list of all connected peers is in the wallet user interface"?

    Is this the web brower style interface using<port>?

  • @rds yeah http://localhost:8125 is default for wallet on same machine. log in and should be last option on menu bar to the left.

    or you could use the api call (which is not as interesting)

  • @damncourier,

    wow, thanks, never saw that button. Chrome browser showed last link at the bottom as "contacts". I de zoomed to 80% and bang, peer. blocks, alais, and messages appeared.

    Thanks again, I'm connected to 26 peers, nice.

  • @haitch When will well known peers like,, be updated to 1.2.8?

  • @rds that sidebar thingamajing is a bane of my life been trying to make it scrollable if doesnt fit into window. But whatever CSS rule i used it just resist me ;) might as well try to rewrite that part of wallet and see if it helps. Anyway good thing you reminded about it. Going to put it on issue list so its not forgoten again.

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    @Tate-A Ninja I can't speak for, but my pools will be updated over the next few days when the wallet has shown to be stable in the other instances I'm running.

  • @haitch a very nice thing about new client at least for me was its slim usage of RAM - stabilized at about 250MB for me and that is huge improvement since last version, also its impact on my network seems to be better optimized (might be just a perceived thing tho)

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    @LithStud Good to know - I'll post back at what my RAM usage is like

  • @haitch daWallet had similar numbers (slighly larger but still under 500)

  • wow, below 80Mb RAM usage on the windows AIO Wallet!!

    I'm having a terrible time with syncing today however! Both my windows and linux wallets are constantly getting stuck!
    always with the same type of error

    2017-02-22 16:00:58 SEVERE: Block not accepted
    nxt.BlockchainProcessor$BlockOutOfOrderException: Invalid timestamp: 80053366 current time is 80053258, previous block timestamp is 80052934

    nothing that I do seems to help!-/ "poping of" blocks and restarting, blacklisting all 1.2.2 and 1.2.3 peers and replacing the whole db!
    Anybody else having this problem today?

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    @nixxda Check your PC clock is correct, the error looks like the wallet thinks it's getting blocks from the future.

  • @nixxda i got that after upgrading- the wallet seems to stop updating to new blocks afterwards (pop off didn't help).

    i bumped up logging level to FINE and got an error to effect of new block broadcast being ignored because it is already in block cache (sorry i didn't save the log). tracked the error down in the code and there have been some recent commits near it relating to cleaning block cache. messed with the code a bit but no luck with a few attempts to revert.

    ended up removing forward on peer port (8123 default) so new blocks are pulled instead of pushed.

    and yes i had synced to ntp.

  • @haitch could be! something weird is going on with my time syncs!-/ but I'm running "dimenson4" on win and "chrony" on linux

    @damncourier by setting "nxt.shareMyAddress=false" you mean? I

  • @nixxda that error is expected. Its actually a debug message to show why block wasnt accepted ;) there os a recompiled version with that debug dissabled ;)

  • @nixxda nah on the router, had previously added the forward to allow incoming connection (on which other wallets are able to push block, transaction, etc) which i removed, so my wallet gets new blocks by connecting to peers and requesting them.

    try changing your log level and see if you get errors following that one.
    in conf/ change last line to "java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler.level = FINE" and restart

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  • @damncourier waiting and watching!-) seems like the wallet is not "really" stuck! I get the new blocks after a restart.

    @LithStud A recompiled version? where? on linux I've been using "" straight out of your git. But I get the same type of error on linux and win!? 2 machines different ports

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