How long show it take to get Bursts after changing pools?

  • So, on another thread a few days ago i posted that I was seeing crazy low results... like 20% of what the calculators says I should be mining weekly with about 19TB of plots.

    It was recommended that I try changing pools, so I did that a little over 2 days ago. On both of my rigs, I chose and copied their Burst address over into the 2nd box and pasted my passphrase into the first box. i didn't get any errors and seem to be mining fine for over 50 hours on both machines, but I have yet to see any payout from the address.

    Is it normal for it to take this long? Or could there be something wrong? I tried looking on their site for a way to track my results but couldn't find a way to do it. Any help would be appreciated.

  • did you copy your mining rig's address to second box or the pools address ?

  • @GabryRox The pool has had problems I also lost 2 days of mine. Parce that is arranged so if everything is going well today should charge

  • @Gibsalot the Pool's address in the 2nd box. And my account's passphrase in the first box

  • admin

    @GabryRox Put the passphrase in the third box, and recipient in the last.

  • so, I finally got my first payout today at 5:19am. It was a paltry 179 Bursts though, so I may have another problem than the wrong pool. I will give it the rest of the week and see what happens but I should be averaging around 1,000 a day with almost 20TB. I am getting overlap warnings on both PCs so maybe that is causing a problem.

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