Burstcoin Mining Calculator is ANNOYINGLY inacurate

  • So, I recently got my second reward for mining some Burstcoin. I was estimating my earnings via http://burstcoin.biz/calculator which says that 500GB I should recieve about 31 Bursts per Day.

    Hower! :

    Both of the rewards I got from mining using the Burst Client and pool.burstcoin.eu have been only 10 Bursts. Which is a third of what I should have gotten.

    So? Whats the Point of this calculator if it fives totaly wrin estimates?

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    It says "Mining Calculator | Long-term average" on top.

  • one third is ne where near "long tearm average"

  • sorry to say, but that's not a bad number! considering that you would get paid currently 2146Burst for a block win if solomining.
    however, solomining with 500Gb will take a very long time to win a block! (many month's! cant do the exact maths. sorry!)

    But when your mining on a pool you always get a bit of the other miners block wins! constantly! and if your inevitable block win comes you will get paid more and share with the others! equalizing with the calculator. But by that time you will have probably earned more then 1 blockwin in the pool.

    now, 500Gb is a very small number and probably on the edge of what the calculator can "predict"! once you have some more drive space, something like a 4Tb disk, it will equalize much faster! because your chances to win are a lot bigger!-)

    this is an very general explanation but I found the calculator quite good to to get an long term average.

  • @PummelHummel said in Burstcoin Mining Calculator is ANNOYINGLY inacurate:

    one third is ne where near "long tearm average"

    I don't know how accurate it is but the point is 2 days isn't long enough. For example I started mining with 100GB...at some point during my first week I hit a payout of 1,100+ BURST...which boosts up the average.

    If a baseball player goes 0 - 8 during two games their average for the season still may be .320.

  • Are you solo mining?

  • @PummelHummel 10 actual for a 30 estimate in one Day is great. You have only got to get 40 tomorrow and there you are. In practice it could easily take a Month or more with a small plot size to hit the average.

    However this issue comes up often so would be good if the calculator could spell out the likely variance?


  • @PummelHummel

    No been on pools. Also started about 4 months ago.

  • @PummelHummel which pool are you on? Given your small plot size you need to be on a pool with the highest target deadline for you to maximize your earnings.

  • I just upgraded to 4tb.

    Which pool would be recommended for that?

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