First Annual Node Drive

  • Hey all,

    After the issues that have become apparent since that "other places" marketing campaign I propose we hold what I call a Node Drive. Basically a community event to promote Burst supporters to run local wallet full Nodes for the Burst coin network. I'm sure many of us have at least one RPi laying around that could be easily used for full node purposes (NOT for mining).

    So what do you all think? I personally have two unused RPi2s laying around that I am going to setup as full Nodes and I encourage you all to as well.

    In fact, If we get 50 new full Nodes I will give 1000 of my personally owned asset shares of SocalsFarm (a 20,000 Burst value) to a random full Node owner.*

    • Asset shares will be disbursed over a ten week period (100 shares/week) to ensure at least ten weeks of full Node support and to prevent abuse of the giveaway.

  • What is an RPI? When you run the AIO wallet isn't the local wallet running? I run 3 wallets on 2 machines, so I think I have 3 nodes.

  • @rds It's a single board computer.

  • @rapidfireman said in First Annual Node Drive:

    @rds It's a single board computer.

    Ahhh. a raspberry pi, got it.

  • @rds,

    I remember reading in this forum that it was not easy to get that platform to mine, don't know about wallet only.

  • @rds no if you use the AIO wallet the default is the Online wallet, you have to specifically select run local wallet

  • @socal , pretty sure the local is running in the background whether you're logged into it or not. I have started my local wallet, it would say wait, I would login to the online wallet, never go back to local and can solo mine. Solo mine needs a local wallet, so having never logged into it, but it is still running.

  • @rds I know the local wallet is supposed to sync in the background but there were DB issues when one would close the wallet, I'm talking about setting up a full time node.

  • @socal please define "full time node".
    I have my local wallet running since a few weeks(24/7), for the purpose of providing a node to the network.
    Am I a "full time node"?

  • @Daforce yes

  • I run the local wallet all the time, and am open to running my Rasp pi once I get moved into my new house, but is there a good tutorial on how to set that up? Do I just use a linux distro, and then install the wallet for that?

  • I run 2 local wallets from different networks constantly, and also run a 3rd on my laptop when i have the wallet up, however its not up 24/7 like the other 2.

  • I will let my wallet sync starting tonight I always just ran AIO online wallet but will switch it is on 24/7

  • Alright! Lol I didn't realize how many people actually had nodes going lol. This is great!

  • I've got one running in a VM on my desktop at the moment as a test server for a Burst project I've got in mind. Will be moving it to a Rackspace virtual machine in a few weeks - or hopefully sooner if I can finish it sooner.

  • @DougLife yes all thats needed is a linux distro and then the Burst wallet, as for a tutorial to setup a wallet on a RPi I don't know if one exists but I am sure someone (maybe @dawallet) could post a how-to or maybe even I will after I play with them and set them up

  • Count another node here! Always on...

  • @socal I'm in with 3 RPIs and 6 different systems.

  • Prolly 16 hours out of the day. Backup my db daily also just in case (config file also). Archive for as long as I think is needed.

  • Will switch my pc (full-time) to local wallet and will do the same on my laptop (part-time^^)

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