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    BURST-HT7V-WDSR-86VY-FJR99 Bitnet88

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  • @FLEGI

    Completed and CLOSED

    loyalty BONUS 2259,- ( one block price ).

    alt text

    If you use our pool for 48 hours, we will send You a bonus 2259,- Burst coins. It is simple. Register your NICK on our site and send e-mails to info@burstcoin.sk with the subject - BONUS 2259.
    with Name, BURST ID and NICK.

    Then wait for confirmation.
    Valid through only to 01/31/2017.

    Register to our web page -> wait for confirmation from us -> after confirmation use our pool for 48 hours - start mining -> we will send to Your account income bonus 2259,- ( for bonuses we have prepared 200,000,- Burst Coins for miners ).
    GMT+1 Middle Europe Time ( Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava )

    For miners below 2 TB plot we have income bonus 250,- BURST


    ENJOY :-)

  • 0_1486759138810_upload-720a5142-a80b-4a45-b070-fcac869d32ac 0_1486759163458_server deadline.PNG

    what's with the server? deadline error. both blago and creepminer reporting deadline server error.

  • @Yey_09 hello, nothing with server or pool. Sometime miner find bad nonce in plot. Ignore this or replot Your drive or bad plot. BR FLEGI

  • Hi Buddy,

    just visited your website and noticed your using my updated pool code, and you gave uray a mention. is there any chance you can add some additional credits to me as well considering your using code from my source?.


  • Dear LEX,
    thank You for Your question, cooperation is possible, but when we start create our pool.burstcoin.sk, we ask to You many times on Discord, but we see too many problems. Then we must learning how it works because we dont want waste Your time. We start from zero, and too many things was changed in code. We must go back, download basic Uray code from 2015, then compare Your code with Urays. Buddy it was too many hours. Now we know how it works. Now I am not sure what is implemented from Your code. I think only picture on console and 99 % is Basic Uray code from 2015 with my changes. If You wish I send to You our rewrited code for compare. Now code working for miners good. If You wish or have any question please dont hesitate and send to me mail flegi@burstcoin.sk
    With Best Regard

  • @FLEGI honestly it doent look like that as your using the miner image addition

    and the old code from 2015 did something completely different when processing payouts. it ran the script every round to get balance however yours isn't. its following the same structure as my new code that fixed a major payout bug you can see this where it states
    18:45:20 Total Block Reward: 2202.00 Block Reward: 2146.00 TX Fee Reward: 56.00 <-- this match's my code.

  • I add my two cents. I ran the original Uray code complete with all its glory. In order for that code to run properly it had to be set in ppln fashion. It paid out blocks ahead! When attempting to make it pay correctly you ran into a minus on your balance.

    I spent 5 months almost everyday talking and testing code with lexicon. You made it sound as if you made the changes to uray's code but to me it looks like just the color scheme. All I have to do is save your website to my computer and in ten minutes tell you who wrote the code.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Analyse guys, download pool.burstcoin.sk pool and use this.
    Open Source with all changes.
    BR Flegi

  • all im asking for is credit where credit is due.

    youve basically just said you took code out of my source. and applied it to the original uray source. but theres no mention of my name or any credits whatsoever on your site.


  • @FLEGI well, since Lexicon asked so nicely to be added to the credits would't it be just as nice from you if you put him there?! no matter how much of his code you're actually using?! It' s not very much to ask, is it?

  • @Lexicon, hey "BUDDY" Please read carefully what I am say... I am 45 Years old man.
    "Now I am not sure what is implemented from Your code" - it was long time ago and combine 2015,2014 or LEXICON. I dont know right now and I have not time now again search what is from LEX or URAY.

    From our side Cooperation is still possible, and if we used something from Your side, I am so sorry, because too many thing was changed. We don't want, if something is wrong or pool went error, use You as autor.
    If You wish, we have not problem add Your name to our web site.
    But for us is most important cooperation. Not read this word.
    Understand ? Pool code is very hard and is not only payment system. I am right ?
    What do You think about this.

  • @FLEGI If u are open to cooperation just give him the credit, I don't think it's difficult for u to do. U don't have 10 mns to edit ur website and mention his name?

  • @pr0cesor Of course always with an open mind. But Lexicon must say what he wants and we must make deal.

  • @FLEGI If u read carefully what he wrote u would know already what he wants. He mentioned it couple of time and I am surprised that U say to me that he has to tell u what he wants. Come on. Lets be all grown up here. Give him the credit in ur website and that's all.

  • @FLEGI said in pool.burstcoin.sk:

    @pr0cesor Of course always with an open mind. But Lexicon must say what he wants and we must make deal.

    What the actual fuck is wrong with you dude? You take everything the man has done and use it and can't do a simple task like giving him some credit without making fuck me knows what deal?

    ''Businessmen'' like you need to be executed in public...just for fun, or to make an example. I'd have popcorn on me either way

  • Deal = Agreement

  • @FLEGI I think there is an misunderstanding here!-) "Hey Buddy" is just an friendly way to say "Hello" in England!
    And all he is asking for is that you add his name to your website. maybe something like:

    "Amazing V2 pool MIT MASTER CODE made by URAY and LEXICON and rewritten by FLEGI "

    that's what "giving Credits" means!

    Off course he would very much appreciate if you donated a small percentage of your pools income to further development and as a reward for all the work he's done on that code. But he is not forcing you to do that nor is he even asking for it in his question to you!

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